Public Utility Locating

USIC performs over 84 million locates each year for the more than 1,400 utilities we serve across the U.S. We mark their underground infrastructure to prevent damage from digging; protect excavators and the public; and ensure the uninterrupted delivery of electric, gas, water, and telecommunication services to America’s homes and businesses.

The Value of USIC as a Utility Locating Partner

The highest quality, most accurate utility locates

99.97% of the over 84 million locates performed by USIC result in no locate-related damage. Our more than 10,00 technicians receive comprehensive, ongoing training accredited by Nulca; are certified in accordance with Nulca standards and the industry-recognized best practices of the Common Ground Alliance; and are equipped with the most advanced locating technologies.  


As the nation’s largest provider of public utility locating services, USIC performs an average of three locates per ticket, creating unmatched efficiencies that result in cost savings for our customers. 

Reduced overhead costs and improved utilization of staff

Partnering with USIC eliminates the need to invest in locating equipment and associated costs and enables your staff to concentrate on your core business. 

Smaller environmental footprint

USIC performs an average of 7 locates per gallon of fuel. In comparison, a utility which locates its own facilities performs an average of 2.4 locates per gallon of fuel. With a strong commitment to environmental stewardship, USIC is making ongoing investments to improve the sustainability of our fleet and operations.    

Scalable to meet demand

Due to the size and scope of our operations, USIC can quickly adjust to fluctuations in ticket volume.

Learn more about the significant benefits of partnering with USIC for utility locating. Complete the form linked below, and we will contact you to answer any questions and provide a quote. 

The Steps to Safe Digging

  1. Excavators and homeowners are required by law to call 811 or submit a locate request online at prior to digging. 
  2. A ticket is generated, and area utilities dispatch a locator to mark their underground facilities at the dig site. The locating service is provided for the excavator or homeowner free of charge.
  3. For long-scope projects, an on-site, pre-job briefing is held to coordinate staffing needs with the excavation schedule. 
  4. A utility locator marks the underground utilities to prevent damage and ensure the safety of the excavators and the public. 
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