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USIC is the nation’s leader in underground utility damage prevention, providing public utility locating (811) services across 48 states. We are also an emerging leader in advanced infrastructure solutions. USIC affiliate companies, Blood Hound, Reconn Utility Services, and On Target Utility Services, offer a range of services for protecting, maintaining, and managing critical infrastructure and assets and assuring compliance with evolving regulatory requirements.

Public Utility Locating

USIC locates and marks underground electric, gas, telecommunication, water, and sewer lines to prevent damage from excavation and mitigate risks to public safety. Our highly trained, qualified technicians are equipped with the most advanced technologies for providing the most accurate locates.

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Private Utility Locating

The majority of underground utilities are privately owned and will not be marked by calling 811. Blood Hound locates these private utilities, which include septic systems, process sewers, abandoned lines, irrigation lines, alarm wires, and facilities that cannot be located using typical detection methods to prevent costly damages, project delays, and safety risks.

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Geospatial Services

Blood Hound utilizes an array of technologies to integrate layers of GPS-enabled data into accurate 3D maps of subsurface utilities. Our integrative data collection capabilities provide comprehensive resources for preventing damage to subsurface utilities, saving you time and money.

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Gas & Water Services

Reconn provides gas and water utilities nationwide with leading-edge solutions for surveying the integrity of their assets and protecting and managing their infrastructure with a focus on regulatory compliance.

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Managed Services

With record investment in deploying infrastructure to expand broadband service to communities across the U.S., USIC has teams of technicians designated for performing locating services exclusively for a fiber installation project through its completion. Dedicated locating service increases the rate of daily fiber installation and prevents delays to project timelines required by grant funding.

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Cross-Bore Mitigation

Blood Hound uses state-of-the-art robotic cameras to inspect sewers and identify and pinpoint pipe integrity issues and confirm cross bores without digging. The precision and efficiency of the process save you time and money on repairs.

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Blood Hound provides private utility locating and highly specialized services for preventing damage to underground infrastructure, safety hazards, and project delays. Additionally, we offer state-of-the-art geospatial services for collecting data and imagery resources which reduce the cost of future project planning.

Reconn, the nation’s leader in gas services, is relied upon by utilities nationwide for surveying the integrity of their assets and maintaining and managing their infrastructure with a focus on regulatory compliance.

On Target provides utilities with a range of comprehensive services and solutions for projects of any scope and level of complexity. Widely acclaimed for our storm restoration services, On Target helps our customers restore critical utility services to their customers safely and quickly.