Gas & Water Services

USIC’s affiliate, Reconn, is the nation’s leading provider of gas services and an emerging leader in water services for utilities nationwide. Reconn’s highly trained, qualified technicians are equipped with advanced technologies for surveying the integrity of a utility’s assets and maintaining and managing its infrastructure with a focus on assuring compliance with evolving regulatory requirements.

Check out the video below to discover how Reconn supports Denver Water's lead pipe reduction program.

Gas Services

Reconn provides a range of gas services, from inspection, leak detection, and corrosion protection to pipeline marker replacement, smart meter upgrades, and vacuum excavation. Our broad capabilities and vast experience make Reconn the number one choice of gas utilities as a partner for maintaining infrastructure and critical assets and assuring regulatory compliance.

Water Services

Water utilities across the country turn to Reconn as a trusted partner for the identification of lead pipes requiring replacement. This is one of a range of services and solutions we provide to protect, maintain, and upgrade infrastructure, which includes acoustic leak inspection, valve inspection and maintenance, vacuum excavation for locating unlocatable underground facilities, and smart meter upgrades. Emergency support is available 24 hours a day 365 days a year for water main breaks and service restoration.


Technologies & Experience

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