Government Affairs

USIC is committed to leading collaborative initiatives which are shaping the future of damage prevention and advancing our common goal of protecting the nation’s infrastructure and ensuring safe excavation.   

Our Government & Regulatory Affairs Team actively advocates for updates to one call laws and 811 processes, rules, and systems in alignment with the evolution of damage prevention and the challenges the industry faces. We work closely with our field operations and the utilities we serve to ensure regulatory compliance and educate the excavation community on the importance of their role in damage prevention. 

Guidance for Excavators on Submitting Utility Locate Requests

The locate request submission process and coordination between excavators and utility locators are the groundwork for protecting infrastructure, excavation crews, and our communities. Check out the video below (English & Spanish versions) to learn more.

VIDEO - Guidance for Submitting Locate Requests 

VIDEO - Orientación para Enviar Solicitudes de Ubicación de Servicios Públicos

FLYER - Guidance for Submitting Locate Requests