The Safe-Life

At USIC, safety is a core value and the reason for every action we take and every decision we make. We protect excavators and our communities from the risks of an underground utility being struck, and our Safe-Life culture keeps our employees safe on the job and in their daily lives. Living the Safe-Life means doing it safely, or not at all, and is based on knowing that there is always time to do it right.

Journey to Zero

At USIC, we are on a journey to reach zero safety incidents and zero injuries. Our focus is eliminating at-risk behaviors, strengthening our evolving Safe-Life culture, and equipping and empowering our employees to Live the Safe-Life with:

  • The highest level of personal protective equipment and work zone protection
  • Comprehensive, ongoing safety training
  • The A3 process – Assess risks, Analyze the safest course of action for mitigating each risk identified, and Act accordingly to remain safe
  • Defensive driving techniques
  • Time-out Authority to halt any unsafe activity until all risks have been eliminated
  • Continuous monitoring of safety performance, analysis of the root causes of incidents, and sharing of lessons learned
  • District safety committees

A Strong, Pervasive Safety Culture

Learn how behaviors become habits that help us live the Safe-Life at work, at home, and on the journeys in between. 

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