USIC Is Enhancing Safety, Sustainability, and Efficiency with Real-Time Data

Thursday, March 7, 2024

USIC is enhancing safety, sustainability, and efficiency with the implementation of Samsara's Video-Based Safety, Panic Button, and Vehicle Telematics. Samsara is the pioneer of the Connected Operations™ Cloud, a platform that enables organizations to harness Internet of Things (IoT) data to develop actionable insights and improve their operations. 

“The real-time data we receive from Samsara helps us perform the important work of protecting the nation's critical infrastructure and our communities safely and efficiently," USIC Chief Operating Officer Richard Batelaan stated. 

USIC is committed to ensuring the safety of our employees and communities with a focus on eliminating at-risk behaviors and employing comprehensive training and advanced technologies.

Samsara Video-Based Safety enables us to support our technicians on the road through real-time incident detection and preventative in-cab coaching. In addition, footage from Samsara AI Dash Cams allows USIC to recognize outstanding performance and lower risky driving behaviors at scale. With Samsara Panic Buttons, our technicians can alert their managers of emergencies or compromising situations. In our pilot with Samsara, USIC reduced mobile phone usage by 92%, no seat belt instances by 85%, and rolling stops by 50%.

“Increasing safety for our technicians behind the wheel is critical as crashes are the number one risk they face,” USIC Vice President of Environment, Health, and Safety Tom Karnowski commented. "Samsara’s platform interface is extremely user-friendly – even those with zero training sessions could navigate it easily.”

USIC is also committed to sustainability throughout all aspects of our operations. With Samsara Vehicle Telematics, we expect to increase fuel efficiency across our fleet, lowering carbon emissions. Additionally, real-time data on the location of our vehicles and their maintenance needs is driving improved vehicle utilization and customer service.

“For our customers, minutes and even seconds matter. Maneuvering our workforce to the right place quickly, especially during emergencies, requires trust in knowing where people are, where they were, and where they can go next. That’s where Samsara’s strength as a unified platform comes into play,” said Karnowski. “With Samsara’s platform, we can see the bigger picture of what’s happening in our operations and make adjustments throughout the day. We’re excited to discover all of the improvements we can make with this level of detail at our fingertips.”

“Real-time data from Samsara helps some of the world's biggest operators solve their most complex challenges,” said Lara Caimi, President of Worldwide Field Operations at Samsara. “USIC's ability to strategically innovate and deploy new technologies to better serve their employees and customers is remarkable. USIC is a clear leader and we're proud to be a part of the critical work they do to shape and protect our communities.”

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