USIC Named a Partner in Progress

Tuesday, February 20, 2024

USIC was named a Partner in Progress by the Oklahoma Association of Career and Technology Education for its commitment to working with the state’s technology center districts and their students. USIC’s Career and Technical Education (CTE) Program partners with vocational education institutions, such as the Meridian Technology Center in Stillwater, Oklahoma, to provide high school seniors and eligible adults with a career path in the growing damage prevention industry.

“USIC's commitment to workforce development is setting a benchmark for corporate responsibility and collaboration with educational institutions,” Dr. DeAnna Little, Director of Instruction at Meridian Technology Center, commented. “The company's forward-thinking approach is preparing the next generation of professionals and contributing to the industry's overall growth and sustainability.”

USIC’s CTE Program incorporates classroom instruction, locating simulation, and hands-on field training. Students who complete the course are fully trained and qualified to begin working as a utility locator for USIC or within the industry. Additionally, students have an opportunity for part-time employment as a utility locator with USIC during the second half of the course, during which they are provided with a work truck and a guaranteed transition to full-time employment immediately after graduating. Those who complete the course and meet employment eligibility requirements are offered a relocation benefit to any location within USIC’s operating network, which spans the nation’s 48 contiguous states.

Since its introduction in 2021, USIC’s CTE Program continues to expand to high-demand markets throughout its nationwide operating network and has current partnerships with the following vocational education institutions:

“USIC is honored to be named a Partner in Progress by the Oklahoma Association of Career and Technology Education,” Craig Haydamack, Chief Human Resources Officer for USIC, stated. “We remain committed to partnering with the vocational education institutions that serve our communities in Oklahoma and throughout the country to provide a career path with the opportunity to perform the essential work of protecting the nation’s critical infrastructure and ensuring public safety. Since 2021, USIC has hired 26 of our CTE Program graduates, whose high-quality work underscores the commitment of our instructors to preparing their students and setting them up for success.”

Photo: L to R: Craig Haydamack, USIC Chief Human Resources Officer; Zachary Conley, USIC CTE Instructor; Darrin Haynes, USIC Sr. Manager, CTE Program; Francisco Chavez, USIC CTE Instructor; James Brenner, USIC Manager, CTE Program

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