USIC Crew Recognized by Ameren Illinois for One Year Damage Free

Wednesday, May 22, 2024

USIC's DeWitt County, Illinois crew was recognized by Ameren Illinois for going one year damage free - that's 1.2 million feet of linear footage located and 3.5 million feet of utilities protected from damage!

This team has been working on a project with four companies utilizing multiple contractors to install their fiber plants. Their success in managing the project and preventing damages can be attributed to multiple factors, which include expanded communication and coordination with contractors and the support of the customer and municipality in holding contractors accountable for adhering to every step of the established project organization process. 

"This is a great team focused on preventing damages," Area Supervisor Ashton Rudy stated. "The team was created just over a year ago, and not one of them had a full year of experience. They hit the ground running and were open to learning." 

Congratulations to the team and thank you for your commitment to safety and damage prevention!


Senior Technician Harold Alexander

Technician Taylor Brown

Technician Phil Clapp

Technician Kira Fuller

Technician Luke Jones

Technician Stephen Koenig

Lead Technician Jeremy Thomas

Technician Anton Yates



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