USIC CTE Program Students Sign on as Part-Time Utility Locators

Monday, March 11, 2024

Students of USIC's Career and Technical Education (CTE) Program at the Meridian Technology Center in Stillwater, OK joined the USIC team as part-time utility locators midway through the year-long program.

USIC partners with five vocational education institutions in three states to prepare high school seniors and eligible adults for a career in the growing underground utility damage prevention industry. Students can qualify for part-time employment with USIC midway through the course and receive a USIC work truck for use in performing the important work of preventing damage to critical infrastructure and ensuring public safety. Upon completion of the course, which includes classroom and field instruction, students are fully trained and qualified to begin working as a fulltime utility locator for USIC or within the industry. 

Congratulations to our Meridian Technology Center students! We are proud to have you join our USIC team.


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